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How to Watch HBO With Friends

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Do you enjoy watching HBO Max movies, TV episodes, and other content with your friends and other family members? If so, then you can take your viewership experience a level up by setting up a watch party for HBO Max. Even if you are busy or drowned in your work, take some time for yourself to connect and bond more with your loved ones. One of the ideal ways to accomplish that is HBO Watch Party Extension.    

With HBO Max Party, it is now extremely easy to rekindle your old memories with your friends and family. Furthermore, you can virtually meet your far-flung pals and relatives as well. HBO Max Watch Party is a browser extension that syncs the video playback of everyone, ensuring that everyone is watching the same thing without anyone falling behind or jumping forward. Additionally, it doesn't cost any money to use the extension; thus, you can host countless watch parties by installing the HBO Watch Party Extension.    

In this writing, we'll discuss how you can watch HBO Max with friends. Continue reading to learn more about the same. 

How to Use HBO Watch Party Extension?

The HBO Max Party add-on allows you to host virtual watch parties for 100 individuals; thus, you can create a personal virtual theater for yourself. Therefore, to learn how to watch HBO with friends, you must know how to use the watch party extension for it. Adhere to the following instructions to host an HBO Max Watch Party.

1. First, download the HBO Watch Party Extension by clicking here. Alternatively, you can install it from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Next, affix the extension to the browser's toolbar by clicking the pin button.

3. Now, launch the HBO Max streaming app or website and sign in using your user's account credentials.

4. After that, start watching a TV show or movie that you wish to enjoy with your party guests.

5. Subsequently, visit the browser again from the video screen and tap on the extension icon next to the address bar to activate the extension.

6. A pop-up window with the instruction "Create A Watch Party" will appear as a result. On that, you'll see a "Start A Party" button. To create the watch party URL, please click that button.

7. Consequently, the invitation URL will then show up in a new window; copy it and forward it to your friends and family to invite them to watch a party for HBO Max.

8. Finally, click the URL your pal or the watch party host shared with you to join the party.


Benefits of HBO Watch Party

The watch party extension for HBO Max has a set of unique features that adds more to your user experience. Furthermore, a watch party is complete with these features. Therefore, follow the below points to learn more about the use of the extension and how it makes your watch party a one-of-a-kind experience: 

1. Global Access

By virtue of the name, you can assume that the extension is globally accessible; thus, it allows you to invite your friends and family to your HBO Party. You can stream videos at any time and from anywhere in the globe by installing the extension.

2. Group Chat

Nothing except a "group chat" feature can help you the most to lessen boredom when watching films online. In addition to chit-chat, you can share your thoughts, reviews, and emojis in this "Group-Chat.".    

3. Customize your Profile

Every user has the option of customizing their watch party profile. You can add adorable, humorous, and cool avatars as profile icons when using the extension. At your HBO Max Party, you can even use a nickname or moniker as your username to give a personal touch.

4. Control

The host should take charge of controlling the watch party from a security standpoint. Hence, turn on the "Only I have control" button to take over the complete watch party control. After that, you'll be able to conveniently pause, fast-forward, play, and rewind video.

5. HD Stream & Syncing

To watch videos with real-life quality, turn on the HD picture quality function. In addition to HD video quality, the watch party members can appreciate synchronized video playback.

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