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How do I Invite People to my Watch Party

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In today's connected world, the joy of watching films and TV shows has transcended geographical boundaries, allowing friends and family to share in these moments, regardless of physical distance. Although HBO Max offers an extensive selection of enthralling content, it currently lacks an in-house feature for watch parties. Fortunately, third-party platforms like Teleparty (once known as Netflix Party) and Scener have filled this void, enabling synchronized viewing experiences that bridge distances and bring viewers together. This detailed manual outlines the steps to organize your HBO Max Watch Party, ensuring a night of collective enjoyment and discussions.

Initiating Your HBO Max Group Watch Experience

Selecting Your HBO Party Platform

HBO Max lacks a direct HBO Max Party feature, so it turns to external services such as Teleparty and Scener. These platforms facilitate simultaneous streaming and messaging for HBO Max alongside other services. Moreover, verify that all participants have installed the requisite browser extension for your chosen service.

Extension Installation Guide

1. Teleparty: Visit the Teleparty website and select "Get Teleparty for free!" You will then be directed to the Chrome Web Store or Microsoft Edge Add-on store, where you can add the extension.

2. Scener: Visit the Scener website and click “Get Scener” to install the extension in your Chrome browser.

Organizing the HBO Max Watch Party

1. Through Teleparty:

1. Access HBO Max via your browser and sign in.

2. Please choose your desired movie or show, play it, then pause and click the Teleparty extension icon. Opt to "Start the party," which allows you to create a link to your HBO Max Watch Party.

3. Further, share this newly created link with your invitees.

2. Via Scener:

1. Firstly, launch the Scener extension, login, or sign up.

2. Select "Create a Theater" and decide between a "Private Theater" or a "Public Theater."

3. Locate and select the HBO Max content you're interested in watching and share the theater code or link with friends.

Joining the Celebration

Invitees must click on the shared link and ensure they have the designated extension installed and are logged into HBO Max.

Shared Viewing Pleasure

With all attendees present, commence the movie or show. Engage in the integrated chat feature for an interactive and enjoyable viewing session.

Extra Tips for a Smooth HBO Watch Party

1. Firstly, ensure a robust internet connection for all participants to reduce buffering interruptions.

2. Set a start time, encouraging guests to join to address technical issues beforehand.

3. For a richer interactive experience, consider incorporating voice or video chat through external platforms such as Discord or Zoom. Get Chrome Extension


By leveraging third-party platforms like Teleparty and Scener, hosting an HBO Max Watch Party becomes a breeze. This provides a synchronized and engaging viewing experience with your close ones. Moreover, follow these straightforward steps to kick off your virtual movie night, complete with lively chat interactions. A stable internet connection and additional communication platforms can further enhance this social experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (HBO Max Watch Party)-

1. Can an HBO Max Watch Party be hosted without external services?

Due to the lack of an integrated Watch Party HBO Max function in HBO Max, hosting one necessitates using external services such as Teleparty or Scener. These services enable synchronized streaming and chatting across HBO Max and other platforms. Also, it allows you to share the viewing experience with others, no matter the distance.

2. How can guests join an HBO Go Watch Party?

Guests must install the same third-party extension the host uses (Teleparty or Scener) and click the shared HBO Watch Party link. Besides, they must be logged into their HBO Max account before joining. These steps ensure guests can seamlessly partake in the Watch Party HBO Max, enjoying synchronized streaming and chat for a social movie-watching adventure.

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